Friends in high places

There are many things I’d love to do in my lifetime. So many. There just isn’t enough time or connections to do it all and you end up having to choose what you really want to do. But a close second is having friends that do the things you’d love to do. This is where it’s awesome to have lots of friends. Lots of cool, fun friends. I have crafty friends featured in Parenting magazine, friends that worked off-Broadway, friends that toured overseas with a Broadway musical, musician friends, actor friends, professional photographer friends, friends who have worked to become American citizens, writer/journalist friends (he’s technically family but still), evangelist and missionary friends and so on.

Do you remember Steffie? Well, she’s quite the little actress. She has told me that she did some acting when she lived in Germany but I have a feeling that she has downplayed her talent and roles. Earlier this year she took some acting classes here in town and from that class she made friends and connections. From those connections she had the opportunity to participate in the 48 Hour Film Project. This project is a contest where filmmakers are assigned a genre, character, prop and line and you have only 48 hours to make the film. Last night Ken & I had the good fortune of attending the screening. We saw 14 of the 28 films entered in the competition and her film was, by far, the best. I feel that they only have one other film that is their competition. The winner advances to other levels in the competition and the ultimate goal being the Cannes Film Festival. If you’d like to view the film, go here. (Please be warned, though, that there is some potentially objectionable language in it.)

Did I have the connections to be involved in something like this? I’d love to, but no. But I had a ball cheering her on and it was a pleasure to attend this event in her life. Not everyone gets to make an entire movie in 48 hours and I was thrilled that I had the opportunity to share this experience with her.






4 thoughts on “Friends in high places

  1. Amber – You are the Best cheerleader as well as one of my friends in High Places! Again another blog entry that I just love! Keep um coming you are inspiring me to maybe just maybe write another:)

  2. Well done Steffie! It’s so weird to see you like that which means your a great actress. And well blogged Amber 😉 thanks for thinking I’m pretty cool too, you are a wonderful friend.

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