Crystal River

On Friday evening we headed up to Crystal River to celebrate Molly’s third birthday. Crystal’s parents own a boat and we spent almost the whole day out on the river. And would you believe that all of us got into the freezing cold river to swim? It was such a great day. The cold river water was a nice break from the heat. I took lots of pictures but none of the really pretty areas we had to swim to. I like my camera and figured I’d better keep it dry. Here are a few shots from the day.



Random kids jumping into the river. It was fun to cheer them on!

The lodge where we stayed had a natural pool. This means the water for the pool is fed by the spring. The 2nd pictures is what it looks like inside the pool.

This guy must make a million dollars during the summer!

It was such a great day. Thanks so much to Crystal and her family for letting us come along!


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