Thank you Walmart?

There are very few places that I really don’t enjoy shopping. Walmart is one of them. I practically despise the store. It’s always busy, the aisles are always full of merchandise, you can never get your cart in and around the junk, the checkout lines are always long and it’s….not Target. When a huge building sat empty for months and months, the rumor around town (listen to me, I’m talking like I live in a town with a population of twelve) was that a Walmart would soon be erected. I was so disappointed that it wasn’t going to be a Target that I curled up in the fetal position and cried for a week. OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration but I was still disappointed.

Opening day came and went and I didn’t visit the store. Then a few weeks later I needed to take my grandmother grocery shopping. The grocery store was farther away and Walmart was the best choice most convenient. I’ve since visited the store a few times and it’s part of a new brand of Walmart stores: still a super store with groceries and the regular things but smaller and the architecture matches that of the surrounding area. It’s new, clean, and checkout friendly. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

But the biggest thing it’s given me is a photo-op. The Walmart is 1/2 mile from my house. But it’s a half mile of roads I don’t take on a daily basis. When I went shopping for school supplies the other day, I found a burial ground of sorts. It was a resting place for all things Postal related.


Because of this find, I say thank you, Walmart. And as my youngest would say, “I can’t believe I said that without puking.”


3 thoughts on “Thank you Walmart?

  1. for some reason i think it’s ok to shop at walmart on vacation. i’m a walmart snob i guess. i wonder what they’re going to do with all of those mailboxes? would be fun to have one around the house for hide and seek or a cool storage space.

  2. I dont like walmart either…and for the sake of my wallet, I made a new years resolution to not go to target for a whole year. I’m saving money & having fun finding local places to shop…who woulda thought?!?! anyway, love the phots, especially the one with the texture/grunge finish!

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