They say it’s your birthday

180 cookies
5 dozen brownies
2 trifles
8 bags of M&M’s
36 chocolate covered pretzel sticks
20 individual parfaits
75 cupcakes
10 hours of decorating
1 full week of baking (and I mean full)
Countless hours of planning
One happy birthday husband

Here are some pictures from the party (hopefully you’ll take this as my apology for being absent)…

First, the invitations. 

The idea for the invitations came from here.

They cost too much to mail so one day the boys & I went around town to do ring-and-runs. I’d drive up to a house, one of the boys would get out, run to the house, leave it by the door, ring the doorbell, run back to the car and we’d speed away! It was so much fun.

Then the day of the party arrived…

Someday I will give you the recipe for these cupcakes. They are the best cupcakes I’ve ever tasted. Wish I would have come up with the recipe myself.

This decoration is brought to you by my talented parents. I just love the look it gives the room. It’s very inexpensive but brings a nice big punch to the room.
I left the tables uncovered and decorated them with black, grey and yellow tape:
I made the placemats out of cardstock as well as the napkin rings and the toppers to the party favor cookies. Someday I’ll tell you all about the Cookie Debacle of 2011. But not today. Today we shall only remember the good times.

This one is from Anna. If I can get a bigger one, I’ll update this post.

Ken’s brothers told a few funny stories about roasted him.

After we ate, I opened up the dance floor. Some of our friends danced to Ke$ha’s Blow and Ken got into the action as well. He’s such a sexy dancer, sometimes I get him confused with Justin Timberlake. 

I didn’t get a good picture of the centerpieces that night so I took one here at home. My dad cut out all the 40s and made the half circle so they’d spin. Told you he was talented. 

It was a great night spent with great friends. Happy birthday, Ken!

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