Paying it forward

The blogging world is the coolest thing ever, isn’t it? I’ve ended up “meeting” people I never would have had I not had a blog. I’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands, of beautiful photographs, countless recipes and more than my share of craft tutorials.

I discovered on Friday that I was nominated for the Liebster Award. I was chosen by April over at A Girl’s Eye View. This little bloggy award started in Germany (Liebster means sweetheart) and the purpose of it is to bring attention to blogs that are “new” (less than 200 followers is considered new). Once you’re nominated, you pay it forward and nominate other blogs. It’s a bit like a chain letter but I love it. And the nominees are...

A Little Crazy & A Lot of Love (Such a great source of photography eye candy. Be sure to check out her other blogs as well. She’s taking old family slides and converting them into digital files and sharing them with the world.)

All I’ve Got is A Photograph (Another great photography blog. Bonnie’s SOOC (straight out of camera) photos are simply amazing.)

Ocean Soul (great inspiration and lovely photographs)

And last but not leas my dear friend, Vickie writes Lilacs and Cupcakes (I still can’t wait to meet her in person someday)

Those are a few of the blogs I read. I’m not sure I’ll be helping them much as I don’t have a lot of followers but it doesn’t hurt to try, right?

As for my photo of the day, I’ve been a bit lax with that this week. Now that Ken’s party is over, I have more time on my hands for photography. The thing is, I’m enjoying being bored. I’m enjoying not having to think about anything if I don’t want to. So I kicked myself in the butt, with the help of Vickie, and took this photo of some flowers left over from the party.



3 thoughts on “Paying it forward

  1. First of all, thank you for the nomination! I’ve not heard of the Liebster Award, but I am honored you chose my site to mention. 🙂 Second…I love this shot! The muted tones are wonderful. Thanks again Amber!

  2. Awwww Thanks! I am loving the nomination! I’m with you…I love the blogosphere and the wonderful people, recipes and photos and tutorials that I’ve gotten to enjoy! So glad you guys are in the blogosphere and taking awesome pics and living life to its fullest!

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