The best laid plans

Today started of so nicely. I took the boys to school and headed to the car wash. Since our car’s antennae is broken & stuck in the “up” position, we can’t send it through the regular car wash without it coming out really broken. So we get to wash it by hand. It’s probably a fix that’s under $100 but it’s WAY down on the list of important things. I mean way down there. It’s not really something I hate doing. Give me my headphones, some good music and I’m good to go. Even a 14 year old car cleans up nicely.

But even the best laid plans go awry sometimes. For instance, less than 12 hours later, my car looked like this:


I promise you, every single time I wash my car, it rains.
It’s a good thing I like the rain.

On a brighter note, my husband found a job! In case you didn’t know, he was laid off back in August. He has had quite a bit of activity on his resume and even a couple of out-of-state companies were interested in him. But in the end, the job he was offered is right here in town. I was really praying that we’d find something that would let us relocate but I guess this isn’t the right timing. But I’m not giving up. I’m still praying that one day I’ll live in a place that has four actual seasons, is a nice place to raise children and one that I actually love. So, while I’m happy that he has found work, I won’t lie and tell you I’m not disappointed it’s local. I know, I know…I should just be happy he has a job. I know that it’s tough “out there” for a lot of people. So I’m thankful. And hopeful. Thanks for your prayers. I really appreciate them.


9 thoughts on “The best laid plans

  1. You just never know where life will take you. I’m glad he found a job and that you have that bit of security in your lives. And you may be out of there before you know it! (P.S. You know this already, but Colorado’s four seasons are beautfiul ;))

  2. LOVED this! Such a nice “story” to wake up to so early on a Wed. morning! My husband, George, is headed to Melbourne (on the east coast of FL) for the day. It’s a 2.5hr drive each way but he doesn’t have to make this trip but for once a month. There’s a lonely “little” sleep lab over there that needs some special attention every once in a while!
    He is VERY firm in leaving Melbourne early enough so we can attend Grace Only tonight!
    So happy to hear Ken found a job…praise God! And boy, am I glad it’s in the area!! I mean, we just met you guys — we would like to get to know you better! Have a great day!
    Janet P.

  3. YAY…. on all counts and I sure am glad you are staying…… For the time being. I sure do love your family CunningLong!! I have good news for tonight AND the dessert!

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