My first giveaway!

OK, I promised a giveaway last week and it’s finally here! (My very first giveaway – squeeeeee!)

Let me tell you about my friend Alisha. She is co-owner of Mahalo. They’ve been getting quite a bit of sweet advertising these days. First of all, they were featured in a magazine. The August issue of Parenting magazine. Yes, Parenting magazine! And then that issue of the magazine was on The Office last Thursday. Then they were featured on (similar to And just this week, I’ve seen them in two other online publications (here on page 53) and here. When I first started this blog, I told you that I had some pretty awesome friends. Remember this post? That post was about my friend Anna. Alisha is Anna’s mom. Cool/awesome/crafty/nifty/swell just runs in that family. 

I’m giving away both of these masks. I think they’d make a cute little Halloween costume, don’t you? All you have to do is leave a comment & tell me your favorite part of Halloween. Personally, I’m not a fan of the holiday. I think most of the decorations are gross and I’m so not good at coming up with costumes that my boys like AND want to wear. I can make a birthday card. But a costume? Not so much. So tell me what all the hoopla is that surrounds Halloween & maybe I’ll enjoy it more this year. It seems as if I’m the only one that’s a party pooper when October rolls around (except on my birthday).

Oh, and tell your friends and family about the giveaway. They don’t have to subscribe to my blog or sign their name in blood (although, that would be fitting for the holiday, no?). I want to get the word out about my awesome friend’s awesome etsy shop. And I don’t want to host a giveaway and have zero comments. So, go comment and go tell your friends, too.

Edit: Since choosing a winner is too much pressure, winner will be chosen randomly. Comments close on Friday.



12 thoughts on “My first giveaway!

  1. Let me tell you about my Halloween experiences as a child, and you will know why we love it so much! First of all, it is associated in my head with Fall as it was always a bit chilly going out door to door so I know you will like that.
    Secondly, we were POOR, like really POOR after the divorce but my mom always made it fun with homemade costumes and treats. We got to spend time in the kitchen with Mommy making popcorn balls (and as 1 of 4 kids, I LOVED spending extra time with Mommy) and she could sew so she would help us make our costumes. Then, I got to go out with my brother and sisters and their friends (I was the youngest) and just tagging along with them was the ultimate AND to be out AFTER dark too! And to go through all that GLORIOUS candy at the end of the night! CRAZY FUN!
    But, maybe because we didn’t get much alone time with our mom (she worked hard factory work all week) and we never had candy laying around our house…this is what made it special for me.
    Back then, we always had haunted houses at our school and cake walks…a real festival and that was really fun too because my mom would help and she would do really crazy things like volunteer to be the spooky dead person in the coffin! My mom was a ton of fun and I loved her more than anything and That’s why I love Halloween.

    • Alisha & I agree that you get the “last brownie” award (did you see Knotting Hill?). Your story was so super sweet! It actually made me think about enjoying Halloween. What great memories you have of your mom and this holiday. It’s nice that you’ll be able to pass those traditions down to your own children! What time shall we arrive at the Guy Family Haunted House?

  2. I love Halloween ’cause it lets me celebrate our God-given imaginations. I love dressing up with my kids, but that’s probably the theatre geek in me. This year we’re doing a family costume–Angry Birds. Have with your give away from a great shop!

  3. The reason I have always liked Halloween was because living in Florida we don’t have much of a change in the seasons and Halloween and the time changing back always seemed to be the kick off to the holiday season and the final march towards the new year, new dreams, and a fresh perspective on things.

  4. ohhhhhhhhhhhh man do I love Halloween!! I got to dress up in costumes and go knock on peoples doors and get candy for FREE!!! Hello…. FREEEEEE!! And not just the old people candy. Chocolate, candy corn, smarties, toostie rolls and even a lil bit of change every now and then. As Teresa said she wasnt allowed candy and neither was I, but this holiday my mom let us keep the entire bowl in our rooms. HAL-LAY-LU-YA!!!!!
    It is a change of the weather too so that the humidity isnt as bad. It was always nice going around my neighborhood around dark and smell the changing of the seasons!!
    THAT IS WHY I LOVE IT!!!!! Oh and its the start of all of the other fun holidays too.

  5. Hey! I’ve totally seen these masks and wondered who makes them. Halloween is awesome just for the utter excitement of every child. The smell of burning leaves and glowing pumpkins. It feels like a community event meant only for enjoyment.

    • I can’t tell you how excited Alisha was to see that someone has seen her masks around the internet! It’s like she’s a mask rock star! The only kind of glowing pumpkins I’ve ever had was the ceramic kind. If you carve pumpkins too early, they’ll rot in the heat here in Florida. And I’ve never experienced the smell of burning leaves. Sounds delightful!

  6. Not responding in tmie to be in the drawing, but that’s okay… yay for your first giveaway! 🙂 I’ve actually become a bigger fan of Halloween since I had kids. It’s pure joy and excitement for them, there’s no way for me to NOT have a good time. Plus, the arrival of Halloween means we are full on into autumn and autumn is my favorite season!

  7. October is my FAVORITE month!! I am not a big fan of Halloween either, but I really, really love fall. We have a beautiful autumn in Western Washington. I just love pumpkins and I decorate my house (as for Christmas) with pumpkins and fall decorations. I also start making apple cider, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin bread. It truly is my favorite time of year. So perhaps the key is not to start liking Halloween, but rather to embrace Autumn!

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