California happenings

I made it! I’m here in California! 

At the airport in Tampa, I wanted to stop everyone I saw and tell them that I was on my to California! But I restrained. I finally made it and the first thing I did was head to the beach.

It was windy, cloudy, cold and wonderful!

After I walked in the freezing cold water for a while, I went up to the Venice Beach Boardwalk. On the way to the boardwalk, there are some houses that sit right along the walkway (you know the walkway from the Three’s Company opening credits). Some of them are simply amazing.

 Lots and lots of people watching to do there!

This guy was playing an electric guitar while on roller blades. I tried to get a shot of him from the front but then he wanted me to buy his T-shirt. So I stuck with this shot:

After walking around Venice for a bit, I decided to check into the hotel. I’m staying at Shore Hotel. It’s gorgeous and minimalistic and delightful. My room wasn’t ready when I got here so they upgraded me to another room with a partial Ocean view! 

After some giggling at my room and the treatment that I’m getting, I decided to walk to the Santa Monica Pier. (Yep, I’m just that close & it if weren’t for 2 trees, I’d be able to see it from my room.)

Tomorrow is the big day! The interview with Roma Downey. I have all my questions typed out and my outfit laid out as well. Wish me luck (better yet, say a prayer for me!). Until tomorrow…


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