Found ’round

One of the things I’d like to start doing is sharing with you things that I’ve found ’round the internet. I still need a title for this series but until I figure one out, enjoy these videos… 

I’ve always had this grand idea that I could be a great dancer. In the mid 90’s Ken & I even took our share of swing dancing lessons. It was a fantastic time and I’ll never forget getting dressed up to go swing dancing in Ybor. The Sugar Palm is now closed but I’ll always have those memories. Here’s a great dance video that celebrates all types of dance:

And how amazing would it be to sit in the middle of this show? This is the neatest video I’ve seen online in a really long time. {Note, it starts off as a slide show, so don’t close the video thinking it’s just jumpy}

I’m not sure about this last one. I always considered myself the soccer mom dare-devil. Meaning I’m the mom that will go on all the roller coasters with Ethan and his friends while their moms wait with the younger siblings. But doing this? I don’t this so. While I think it’d be a great documentary to watch, you won’t find me dangling by a tight rope, parachute or not!

What have you been finding around the ole internet these days?


3 thoughts on “Found ’round

  1. The dance sequence was orchestrated amazingly…our bodies are capable of so much!The murmuration is like a worship dance…the starlings are dancing together for God. The Frenchies…insanely scary…my daughter watched with me…jaws to the ground and adrenalin pumping! They are nuts!!! I will totally do the rollercoaster too, but that’s it! Great idea to have a round up of cool things you’ve found on the internet! It’s like a highlight reel! We had a segment on our local news called “Satellite Debris” and they featured all the weird stuff, I much prefer the cool stuff!

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