The three airheads

There are times in your life when you really realize your age.
Sometimes it’s seeing an old friend after many years.
Sometimes it’s seeing the kids you used to babysit with their own children.
And sometimes, like today, it’s when you try to keep up with your own kids.

And that’s just what I did. In fact, I think I did a pretty good job considering I’m not even in my 20’s anymore (not even close, in fact). A few months ago I had purchased a Groupon for Air Heads. Air Heads is a giant indoor trampoline and it’s tons of fun. Click on the link and watch the video and I dare you to tell me that it’s not fun! We had an hour of jumping fun but by 13 minutes into the hour, I was out of breath. I should have paced myself. There was heavy breathing, some sweat and lots and lots of laughs! Ethan was more willing to jump for the camera:

I’m linking this picture of Ethan with Sweet Shot Tuesday.

Jackson obliged but wasn’t in the mood to keep at it until I got the perfect shot:Ethan even got behind the camera to take my jumping picture. Before you judge my hairdo and overall appearance, please know that this was at the end of an HOUR of jumping:

When our hour was up, we spent a few minutes in the arcade. Enough time for them to get a bajillion tickets.

I realized it was all worth it when we left the building. As we walked out of the doors, Jackson stopped and gave me the biggest hug and kiss and said, “Thanks mom. I didn’t know it was possible but I love you even more.” I love my kids. 


9 thoughts on “The three airheads

  1. I recently also posted about my trip to a Trampoline arena. I had the whole place laughing. I’m getting old but you know what? Out of everyone there, I think I was the one having the most fun. Like they say : the older the better!

  2. Kayley just got a birthday party invitation for that place and I was just about to decline because she has another b-day party at the same time, but now I may have to see if we can figure a way to go to both! Looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing and I think you look fabulous Darling!

  3. So fun. It is when I see photos like this I really wish our little island had more recreational things. And yes, I would go to this. Even though I’m 24 with a 27yr old boyfriend and no kids. LOL! Great jumping photos 🙂

  4. LOL! That is one crazy fun place! And…Your jumping form is totally pro! Now I know why you always do the jump shots! It is so YOU! What wonderful boys…so sweet that they totally appreciated it!

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