The important things

I sat down to blog last night but something was all jacked up with WordPress and it just wasn’t working. Little did I know that my husband was getting into an accident while I sat on the couch surfing the ‘net. I just wanted to pop in here and ask for your prayers. He’s fine but suffering from a collapsed lung and some bruises (and a night of almost no sleep).

They initially thought he had some cracked or broken ribs but it doesn’t appear that way now, thank God. The recovery will be much faster without them. Being someone that sings, he wasn’t looking forward to 8-12 weeks recovery. We would really appreciate your prayers as he begins the recovery process. I’ll be updating on his progress. Give those you love an extra hug and kiss today. I learned last night that some things we tend to worry about are really not the “important” things. Sure, they’re important to us at the time and they really do matter but they’re not the most important things in life. When he’s all better, I can’t wait to give my hubby a nice big hug!


8 thoughts on “The important things

  1. I love you both so and you will be in my prayers. I know God has his hand on this and he will take care of you!! Hug hug hug *gentle*

  2. So sorry to hear about Ken’s accident. If he wanted time to lay around in bed, he could just let me breathe on him and he would catch these hybrid germs I picked up on flight back from Israel. Keeping you both on my prayers! Speedy recovery Ken.

  3. Totally praying for you guys! So glad he’s alive and that you can still hug him…even if you have to wait for 8-12 weeks (boy oh boy, when he is all better he will be getting a truly ‘long’ hug from you!!!).

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