Ups and downs

Wow, this year has certainly had more than it’s fair share of ups and downs. Pretty much like a roller coaster. Last time I wrote I told you that my husband was in a car accident. After five days in the hospital, he’s home recuperating. It’s been quite a month for us and it’s only the 11th of December. After the accident, house decorations were left unfinished, cleaning was neglected (until my mom saw the mess my house was & cleaned almost the entire thing (thanks, mom)), parties weren’t hosted and just about everything was put on hold. But I have a husband. Who, for the most part is healthy. When I finally had a chance to see the car and retrieve our personal items, I was so very thankful that it wasn’t worse than it could have been. 

Remember that roller coaster I was talking about? The car accident was a “down” but the fact that I have a healthy husband was most definitely an “up”. The fact that he was let go from his job on his first day back to work…another “down”. After totaling his car, spending 5 days in the hospital and two weeks before Christmas, that was the time his company decides to let him go. So, he’s on the job hunt again. We have decided that 2011 can kiss our butt. I’m ready to start 2012. How about you?


7 thoughts on “Ups and downs

  1. Oh Amber! My goodness it has been a rough year and MONTH! We are so sorry to hear about him being let go on his first day back to work after such a scary accident that is just wrong. Our prayers are with you and Ken in the job hunt again! Try to not worry about it and enjoy your time together! We love you guys and are very grateful Ken is doing well. hugs xxxx

    • Thanks, Amanda. We appreciate the prayers. I’ve convinced myself to keep everything in perspective. It could have been a lot worse so I’m focusing on the many blessings I have. And I know God will take care of us.

  2. Wow! Definitely glad to hear Ken is doing better after seeing those car photos. And as for being let go from his job then…that just blows! I’ll keep you and Ken and your family in my prayers. Everything will work out as God intends. 🙂

  3. Glad to know he is better. We just heard news of our friend passing away in a car accident this morning. He has left behind his wife and two small children and hundreds who loved him. Some don’t make it. Gotta be grateful for having our loved ones with us.

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