Found ’round

Here are a few more videos that I’ve found ’round the net. 

It’s sweater weather now! Are you tired of wearing your scarves the same old way? Here are 25 different ways to wear them.

Last time, I told you that I had a bit of a dare devil streak in me. I’ve always thought it would be fun to be a storm chaser. (That is, if I’m guaranteed that I’d never get hurt.) This might be a good compromise.

This one isn’t a video but a really awesome web site. Check out back to the future photos.
I’d love to recreate one of these some day.

This video comes from my friends at Ocean Soul. I can’t wait to try this one:

And last but not least, my band Friends of Giants. This is the acoustic video we recorded on the beach a few weeks ago.


2 thoughts on “Found ’round

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  2. I couldn’t get onto your blog last week, so I am just catching up now! And thanks for the shout out! Have fun being a pyromaniac with the glass cutting! And luuuuuuuuv the song you guys did…the waves lapping on the shore…awesomeness!!!

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