X marks the spot

“Please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle.”

Have you ever heard that over the loud speaker as you waited to board a roller coaster? I love coasters. Love, love, love them. I love the anticipation of waiting in line. I love studying the riders as they exit the coaster to try and figure out if they loved it or if they’ll be looking for the nearest trash can so they can refund their lunch. I love the incline. I love the first big drop, the twists and turns and the general feeling of not being able to tell which way is up or down.

The Long family is about to hop on a roller coaster ride of our very own: we’re moving! And this is where:
We’re moving to Michigan. Did you know that you can use your hand to tell people where in Michigan you live? Pretty neat, huh? We’ll be living about 30-40 minutes outside of Detroit. Not sure which city just yet but Ken’s office will be in Farmington Hills.

Michigan is home to the following things that are not found in Florida: 4 seasons (including fall — yippie), many extremely large lakes, skiing, an abundance of snow, snow blowers, puffy jackets. And soon this list will include The Longs!

This Florida girl will miss her family more than words could ever begin to say. And if I try to figure out a way to put them down on paper (or my computer screen) I’ll just end up crying (and making my mom cry, too). So I won’t. At least not for now. Of this I am sure: the relationship we’ve spent the last 37 years building will prove to be the glue that holds us together during this time. And the plan is to get a house large enough to welcome all the friends and family that care to visit. However, I have this sneaky suspicion that we won’t be having too many visitors in the winter. But that’s just a guess.


8 thoughts on “X marks the spot

  1. a roller coaster ride indeed! maybe the change in weather won’t be too shocking as long as you have your puffy coats & long underwear!

    we just moved to illinois a month ago and yes, it was hard to leave the south & family but it was the best decision for our family.

    hope the transition goes smoothly! will look forward to hearing more about your journey as you find time to write about it.

  2. Are you kidding. Soon as I get money and time off I am SO there…… During snow!!! And I don’t have to worry about warm clothes cause I can wear yours. You know God is goIng to say “just kidding” soon!!

  3. WHAT?!!!
    Well, then four seasons, snow and parkas it is! Congratulations as you slowly go up the first incline of that rollercoaster! I’ve heard that the Great Lakes are kind of like the ocean too. Can hardly wait to hear all about what it’s like in your new surroundings! There will be no shortage of fun things to explore!

  4. I’m posting on YOUR blog pretty much the same thing I posted on your hubby’s blog…

    George & I moved from Pittsburgh to Florida when our son, Andrew, was 8yrs old…that was 1988! We absolutely miss seeing family & friends from Pittsburgh but we have NEVER regretted our decision to follow God & relocate for a better position, better salary, etc.
    Sure, it’s not easy at first, but soon you’ll find that it’s the most exciting adventure of your lives! And we can say, from personal experience that the move caused our little family to be more closely-knit!
    Be careful with what the “naysayers” tell you! Know that because of yours, Ken’s & the boy’s relationship with your Daddy God — Michigan can be Heaven on earth, too!
    Love & prayers to you all!
    The following comment was original to Ken’s blog but it has an “applicable feel” to it so I’ll just leave it —>And, just as a side note – Yes, that down parka DOES make you look fat!!)

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