Blessed holiday

I think I’m the last on the planet to discover iMovie. Better late than never, right? I put this little number together this evening. I think I’m addicted and will be documenting everything from now on. Can’t wait to make one for our cross country trip to Michigan. (Can I call it a “cross country” trip even though we aren’t crossing the country? We’re technically just driving north but it’s almost as far north as you can get.) In case you forgot, this is from my trip to California in October. 

music: Holiday by Vampire Weekend and Blessed by Brett Dennen
footage & photos: yours truly 

Now that the kids are out of school (our last day was June 1st) I think I’ll be finding myself with some extra time to blog! No more making lunches or sitting in car lines or studying for tests or helping with homework or science projects or volunteering in the classroom or…or…or. No one told me that when I had kids I’d actually be going back to school but that is truly the case. Consider yourself told. 

What kinds of amazing summer plans do you have? Vacations? Staycations? Do tell!


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