Right before my eyes

Do you ever look at your kids and notice that they have changed right before your eyes? You see them every day but some days they look so different from how they looked yesterday. This has been happening lately with Ethan. But when I found him in his room building his own Lego creations, I realized that he’s not all that grown up. I found that comforting. I needed that. They really do grow up too fast.



2 thoughts on “Right before my eyes

  1. This has been happening to me when I look at Sara, but then I’m comforted when she walks around with her baby doll and purse on her shoulder.

    • I know! It’s great when they start to get a little older and can do things for themselves but it’s also nice to know that they’re not totally independent. Parenting is so bittersweet, isn’t it?

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