Back to school

Just stopping in to let my family know that we’re still alive. The boys started school this week and so far, it’s going great. They were starting to get bored and I was ready for some quiet time around the house. Ethan actually wasn’t feeling well on the first day of school so he stayed home and Jackson went alone. By day two, Ethan was back to his normal self so off to school he went. Both boys have made friends already and seem to be enjoying their first week in a new school. In fact, Jackson actually thanked us for letting him go to his school. That made my heart smile. Lots of prayer went into what city we decided to live and one of the biggest factors was schools. 

Pardon the obligatory back to school photo. I hate taking these picture. There’s never enough time to get a “good” photo, we’re always rushing, and they never want to cooperate. So, I’ve decided I’ll take some better portraits soon. It’s been a while since I’ve tortured them used them as my subjects. Can’t you just see the excitement in their eyes? 

In other news, some of the trees have already started changing colors. Fall is just around the corner, though the weather hasn’t gotten the memo yet. Here are a couple snaps from my instagram feed:

I cannot wait to see these colors all over town. Our street is full of mature trees and the thought of all those colors welcoming me home makes me almost giddy. As well as the thought of hot chocolate, hot tea, soup, blankets, scarves, sweaters and the smell that fall brings. Everyone tells me that the smell in the fall air is amazing.

So how was your back-to-school week? Is it fall in your neck of the woods? What sort of fall things are you looking forward to?


4 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. This posts makes me happy and sad… Happy that they are doing so well, but sad to know that this time last year we were about to start grace group and I remembered so well why I live your family so. I miss miss miss you so. So blessed are the MI people that get to know you. Love you so much!!!

  2. I just love it that my kids are equally this happy for back to school pictures. So glad it’s not just us. Hugs and I’m happy I’ve finally had time to catch up on my Freckles and Fences reading.

    • Welcome back. 🙂
      Seriously, they don’t ever love to have their pictures taken but they take that hatred to a new level on First Day of School Day. I think they know I can’t make them stand there forever and use that knowledge against me.

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