Tree envy

It’s here! Fall is here. I probably need to preface this post by apologizing to all the northerners out there. You see, this will be the first time I’ve lived through fall. I’ve visited the north during these months but this is the first time I will actually see it from start to finish. So if you’re thinking to yourself, “Another blog about leaves changing colors?” I apologize. Think of me as a first time mom and this is my first baby. Or think of this as my vacation of a lifetime and I’ve bribed you with dinner so I could show you my slideshow. 

Everywhere I look I can see trees that are changing. I’d say about 40% of the trees in my neighborhood are in some stage of fall. It’s beautiful. And I have to admit I have a bit of tree envy & let me tell you why. This is a tree just a few blocks from our house. It’s my favorite tree in the whole entire neighborhood. I pass it every time I drop Jackson off for school and again when I pick him up. Here’s my Instagram photo:Just look at it. It’s magical, right?

And this is my neighbor’s tree. She has one just as beautiful in her front yard:I think it looks like a giant flame hovering over her property. So very pretty. And the front of her house is littered with red and orange leaves. 

And here’s my tree:We actually had a few leaves change way back in August. Honestly I don’t think it looks that spectacular. Or does it? Upon closer inspection, some of the leaves have changed from burgundy to bright red; like they put on their best lipstick just for me. Isn’t it just beautiful?I love that you can see the action happening. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see a time lapse video of a single leaf changing from green to bright red?And I cannot wait until spring when maybe my neighbors will have tree envy. My secret weapon is that this tree is a dogwood. And will look like this when it blooms in the spring.via

Or maybe mine will be white:via

Who knows? I have a hunch it’s pink but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. So…what does it look like around your neck of the woods?


3 thoughts on “Tree envy

  1. Beautiful! I’m excited for you that you get to experience fall. Our leaves are turning pretty good here…I have several photo shoots the next couple of weeks so I hope the leaves hold out!

  2. Beautiful! I see lots of those trees like the magical one in your first shot, with the leaves that turn yellow on the bottom and reddish-purple on top. I’ve been dyign to know what kid they are. Do you have any idea?

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