I know a girl

There’s this girl I know.

A really cool girl.

Even better, she’s a really neat girl. And want to be just like her when I grow up. The funny thing? I’m 21 years older than her.

Yep, twenty one (whew, that was harder to write than I thought it would be).

Perhaps you’ve met her. Her name is Anna and she creates lots of art. She shared her art with me today. In the form of a sugar cookie. Who do you know that creates actual art on sugar cookies? This cookie was better than anything I’ve seen Martha make (Which isn’t saying much. I haven’t seen Martha make a whole lot; she’s not my favorite person). And she shared it so freely, too. I would have taken this cookie and saved it for years.

Ask my mom. I save everything.

I would have saved it and put it on my dresser (because, isn’t that where all treasured things end up?). I would have taken pictures of it and maybe even made it my Facebook profile picture. But not Anna, she shared with me. Aren’t I lucky?

As I think about my life and the things I treasure, Anna makes the list.

Really, I’m just an average, everyday girl who is surrounded by extraordinary family and so many magnificent friends. Isn’t that what makes life great? No matter what you are, if you’re surrounded by great people, life is great. If I were the best at creating art on sugar cookies but didn’t have anyone to share it with, how crappy would that be? If I was the funniest person but didn’t have anyone to tell my jokes to, how lame would that be? It’s the people in my life that make me lucky and happy. The people that share art/cookies with me. The husband that laughs at my (lame) jokes and my two boys that think I’m cool (at least for now).

Thanks, Anna for your cookie. And for so much more.