Found ’round

Here are some cool things I’ve found ’round the ol’ internet.

This a great way to do a great thing without changing your life. (And a fascinating presentation, to bat.)

Who doesn’t love a good comedian? And who doesn’t love Jerry Seinfeld? Funny that I came across this just days after I was talking to my boys about his delivery. Two years seems like a long time to work on anything. But then again…he’s pretty successful. Maybe I should put a little more effort into these posts. 

I have to admit that I think I’m pretty brave, especially when it comes to public speaking and just generally being in public. I’d love to try something like this but every time I think about it, my heart skips a beat. Does that mean I should do it?

What neat things have you seen out there in Internet Land?


Happy (snowy) New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year’s. We were all recovering from a cold last night so it was an early night for us. Grab a warm drink and let me tell you what’s been happening here the last week.

We’ve gotten snow and lots of it!

It started Christmas Eve. Just like a movie, it started on our way to the Christmas Eve service at church. This is what it looked like when we got back:

We got a break on Christmas day but it started up again the day after Christmas. It was amazing (says the Floridiots)!

There’s a rumor that I may or may not know how to make a snow angel. Ah’em…The following photo is for my Florida friends’ benefit. I’m sure you northerners are all too familiar with images like these:Jackson is still shirtless most days. And if he’s not watching the snow from inside…then he’s outside playing in it.The two of us built our very first snowman of the year. Ethan was under the weather so he decided to skip the very cold activity.

We’ve been pretty busy these days. Here’s what we were up to today: