Red brick road


Invisible antiques

I went on another walk around the neighborhood today and I can honestly say that I’ve never seen this before. This sign sits on the side of a garage. I looked and I didn’t see any antiques. Do you see them? Maybe they’re all inside the garage and they just thought everyone should know?


We’re going to try a new restaurant tomorrow night & I’m excited. I drove by it a few weeks ago and then again the other day. We’re usually going to the movies on Friday nights but there is nothing I want to see so we were stuck for ideas. We thought that after eating, we would (get ready) go to the (are you sitting down?) beach. You know I don’t love the beach so I must be depressingly desperate!

Spelling walkabout

Sometimes we just need to get outside when studying. A few months ago, Ethan was having quite a hard time with his spelling words. And he’s an excellent speller. Two-times-in-the-school-spelling-bee kind of good. But this one particular week, he was having quite a hard time and I was getting frustrated. {And that’s how I know that I’m not cut out for homeschooling. We would probably kill each other if I was his one and only teacher.} At my wit’s end, I suggested we study the spelling words while going for a walk around the neighborhood. It worked like a charm! I don’t know if it was the fresh air or the change of scenery but it really helped him. From then on, we take a walk if he’s having a hard time with spelling. Tonight was a little bit different. He had worked quite a long time on his homework and I wanted to prevent the ensuing meltdown. So I suggested we take a walk, the three of us (Ken was at a meeting).

While out, I decided to look for things in my neighborhood that I usually miss or things that I particularly like about it. Here is a statue that almost always freaks out my dog. He’s not the smartest, by any means but we sure love him.

I wish I had a green thumb so I could grow things like this:

But I don’t. Even my husband knows it as proven here. But I’m happy that others have this talent & I still get to enjoy them. 

I’m not sure if he was afraid that I would quiz him as well, but Jackson walked about 1/2 block ahead of us the whole time. Here’s proof. And yes, the boy would be shirtless 24/7 if it were acceptable. I see Key West as his address one day. 

When he’d get to the end of the block, he’d wait for us like this:

I don’t know what kind of tree this is but it’s one of my favorites in the neighborhood. I think it looks like it’s right out of a Dr. Seuss book. It’s so perfect and round. 

Then we came upon this fire hydrant. I’ll spare you the details of why it caught Jackson’s eye but it had something to do with a spider having a rather interesting dinner. All of the fire hydrants in the neighborhood are the conventional yellow except this one. It doesn’t appear to have been yellow in a long, long time.


I like it. I like how it wants to stand out from all the others. I wonder if the person living next to this hydrant uses it as a “landmark”. I imagine it goes something like this:

“Turn right on 29th Street and we’re the house next to the turquoise hydrant.”

“Oh yes, now I know where you live.”

See, it would totally work, don’t you think?

And I’m sure it has to do with some idiot years ago, but do you REALLY think they would need to put a “do not drink” on something that looks like this?

Didn’t think so, either.

We’ll see how Ethan does on his spelling test tomorrow. Even if he doesn’t get an A, I had a really good time with him. I’m staring to think the spelling walkabouts help me more than they help him. 


Oh boy. There are many unused tools in my house. Bet you didn’t know I was going to be a painter, did you? Apparently, I was going to pull that talent out from where the sun doesn’t shine, too. I tried. I really did. But when I couldn’t paint a spiral correctly, I figured that was the end for me. Heck, I can’t even doodle so why did I think I could paint? So here sit my unused paint brushes. I think they’re lonely on their shelf. I even put them in a nice pretty vase. But they figured it out. They know that there’s no chance they’ll be used any time soon. Actually, I did use one to touch up a spot on my family room wall but when I put her back in the vase, I think she shed a tear. That’s right; they’re girls. They don’t have names but they are most definitely (can I EVER type that word correctly on the FIRST try??) chicks. She wasn’t being used to her full potential and she knew it. I’ve been found out.


{The inspiration for this photo came from here.}

On another note, have any of you ever had your blog printed professionally? I was thinking of putting my blog in book form at the end of the year. I include lots of memories of my boys & figured I’d give their wives something to fight over some day. I’m usually a procrastinator so I figured I’d get an early start. At least I could shop around. I’m thinking I read somewhere that someone has done this. Real specific, I know. So…any suggestions?

And so it begins (again)

I’m not the kind of mom that doesn’t allow their kids to have ANY candy at all. But I’m not the one that gives candy to their kids all the time, either. Because of this, we’re usually eating the “wrong” candy on any given holiday. For instance, this chocolate Easter candy (along with the jelly beans and duck shaped Smarties) will last us until Halloween. In fact, I think we may have some candy corn in our candy jar. So the cycle begins again. Another holiday, another specific color wrapped candy. It’s a good thing my kids can use a calendar. Otherwise, they’d be all screwed up. Whose kids are still eating candy canes in April? Mine. And they’ll be eating pastel chocolates for Halloween. Good way to really freak out the trick-or-treaters.


We colored eggs today since yesterday was jam-packed. After the coloring was done, we had our own little egg hunt in the house. The boys LOVE this. It’s become a tradition in our family. We’ve collected quite a stash of eggs and this year we even found some new hiding places for them. Luckily for us, we don’t hide any of the hard-boiled eggs. That way, we’re not in danger of a mysterious foul odor in about 4 days. Like that one time in Stars Hollow when Kirk was in charge of hiding the Easter eggs. There’s a bonus if you can tell me what TV show I referenced. {Disclaimer: There’s not really a bonus so don’t sue me if I don’t have a name generated by a random generator in the next day or two.}