Happy (snowy) New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year’s. We were all recovering from a cold last night so it was an early night for us. Grab a warm drink and let me tell you what’s been happening here the last week.

We’ve gotten snow and lots of it!

It started Christmas Eve. Just like a movie, it started on our way to the Christmas Eve service at church. This is what it looked like when we got back:

We got a break on Christmas day but it started up again the day after Christmas. It was amazing (says the Floridiots)!

There’s a rumor that I may or may not know how to make a snow angel. Ah’em…The following photo is for my Florida friends’ benefit. I’m sure you northerners are all too familiar with images like these:Jackson is still shirtless most days. And if he’s not watching the snow from inside…then he’s outside playing in it.The two of us built our very first snowman of the year. Ethan was under the weather so he decided to skip the very cold activity.

We’ve been pretty busy these days. Here’s what we were up to today:



Right before my eyes

Do you ever look at your kids and notice that they have changed right before your eyes? You see them every day but some days they look so different from how they looked yesterday. This has been happening lately with Ethan. But when I found him in his room building his own Lego creations, I realized that he’s not all that grown up. I found that comforting. I needed that. They really do grow up too fast.


Stepping out

There are two types of boys in this house. One never likes to be naked. Never likes to be without a shirt or even socks. The other one would be shirtless and bare footed 24/7 if he could. He’s the one that has no problem stepping out of his clothes on the way to the bathroom. And he has no problem parading around the house after he steps out of his clothes. I have to admit that his cute little backside makes me giggle.


The problem is that unless he’s reminded all the time, the clothes would stay like this. Who am I kidding, both boys leave their clothes (and towels) all over the bathroom floor. Am I the only one that wonders if I never said anything, how many articles of clothing would pile up on the floor? Would they end up picking up after themselves because they couldn’t stand it any longer? Has anyone ever tried this tactic? I sounds like a fun experiment to me.