Hello. My name is Amber. It’s nice to meet you. Thanks for joining me on this ride we call life!

I’m just a ordinary girl with an extraordinary family and extraordinary friends.

Want to know a little about me?
My family moved to Florida when I was five and my husband and two boys are Florida natives. Then we decided to do it the exact opposite way that “normal” people do: we moved from Florida to Michigan. In doing so, we have discovered that we love living up north, love having four seasons and love being outside! Here you’ll find stories about my family, my friends and the places we visit. Thanks for stopping by!

Feel free to email me at theshortlong@gmail.com.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Amber,

    This is Tara from Live Every Moment. I accidentally lost your email! congrats again on winning…I just loved that capture. The challenge ends tonight at 12pm. Do you think you could me send me the 3 winners by/on Monday?

    • How funny – I lost your email, too! I probably spend 20-30 minutes this morning searching for it on my computer & your blog. 🙂 Sure, I’ll be able to pick (not sure how – they’re all so good) by Monday. Most likely, by tomorrow. They’ll still be up on your blog through the weekend, right?


  2. Haha, I know…I did the same. Then, I figured I would post here…feel free to delete these!!! LOL. They are still up until Tuesday…I think! Good Luck, it is always so hard to pick!

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  4. Had fun in Lansing with you today! Sitting in the waiting room with Neil talking about his writing class and thought of your blog! I suggested he contact you with writing related questions if you don’t mind 😛

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