Photo challenge

I’m submitting this photo to Wild Ginger Photography’s weekly challenge. I took this picture at the beach almost a year ago. We were in shorts, flip flops and T shirts during the last week of November. Someday I’ll have a proper fall. *sigh. But I digress.

Hop on over to her site for some other really great photos!


The Long family goes green

I’m linking up again with Live Every Moment. This week’s theme is “green” and I haven’t had a chance to go out & look for green things so I pulled this one from the archives. I don’t mind being in photos like this! This was the photo of the day a while back – I love getting lots of use out of one photo!

I’ll be back later with the photo of the day (I haven’t taken one yet). Right now, we’re getting ready to visit some friends from South Dakota. They were originally my friend’s family but the minute we met them they became our friends, too. Love when it works out like that.


Every day after school, the boys want a snack and a drink. I really try to make it something that’s not too sweet but I don’t force them to have broccoli, either. Jackson’s suggestion today was popcorn.


We didn’t have our usual Sunday Outing this weekend. Instead, we watched my two nieces. Ruby, at 4 months, is at the age where she’s responding to you now. Getting smiles out of a 4 month old is a lot of work but it’s all worth it.

Molly is two. I just love how fun toddlers are. And I honestly mean it. Everything is exciting to them. Everything is new. Everything is an adventure. I just love it. She was in a great mood when she got to our house – very excited. I didn’t get a picture of her because she was quite wiggly. Ken talks a bit about that here.

On another note, one of my photos was chosen as the top three over at Live Every Moment. I was so excited when I got the email. If you get a chance, you should check out all the wonderful pictures and cast a vote!