Questions and links

I’m going to put something out there but first you have to promise not to say to yourself, “Her? Really? Maybe they need glasses.”

That’ll make sense once you hear what I have to say but you have to virtual pinky promise me not to think those thoughts before I say it. Because, above anything else (even swearing on your mother’s grave), the pinky promise is the most binding promise. Ever. 

Ready? OK. Some friends asked me to shoot their wedding for them. {Huge, giant gulp} I’m excited, nervous, terrified and stoked all at the same time. (Anthony and Melissa: if you’re reading this, just substitute “over the moon excited” for “nervous” and “thrilled” instead of “terrified”.) I’ve been dreaming up ideas since they asked me. What I want to ask YOU is:

If you’ve ever done this before, what do you know now that you wish you knew then?

What’s the best way to put people at ease (including yourself) when taking pictures (especially wedding pictures that’ll be in frames for years to come)?

Are there any favorite photographers that you always turn to for inspiration?

Are there any other pointers you’d like to give me?

I think that’s all the questions I have (for now). I’m sure I’ll come up with more as the date nears. The wedding isn’t until April 2012 but I really want to be prepared. And since you’re going to be giving me answers (I sure hope you do), I’d like to give you something in return. Here are a few links I’ve found and I think you’d enjoy them.

This phone cover is ingenious. 

What do you think about this upcoming camera? Be sure to click on the picture for some fun!

Wouldn’t these make the cutest save-the-date wedding announcements? I just love How About Orange

These are the best cupcakes I’ve ever tasted in my entire life. And that’s saying a lot because I really like cupcakes. I’m insisting you make them and then invite me over. And in case you read the comment at the end of the blog (you’ll see that it was never answered), you really do use that much amaretto. Totally delicious!

Isn’t this just taking it a bit far? I love my DSLR camera and my iPhone is with me at all times, but this might be too much even for me. 








Kitty cat birthday

I had to keep this under wraps yesterday in case my friend, Steffie, read my blog. It’s her birthday today and I made these amaretto cupcakes especially for her. I found these cupcake decorations way back in January and I have waited all this time to use them. Here’s something you should know about me: buying in advance is something I never do. Sometimes I buy the gift a day or two in advance but I’m usually buying the card and gift bag on the WAY to parties. So purchasing something 5 months in advance is a huge step for me.

Since Steffie loves cats, this is perfect for her. It’s a good thing she’s married and has a child or else she’d be in danger of becoming that lady/old maid. That’s how much she loves her cats. 

Happy birthday, Steffie! I’m so blessed to know you & call you friend/freund. You make coffee and breakfast so much more enjoyable each and every week. Your sense of humor is unbelievably amazing and I’m only happier for knowing you. Enjoy your birthday and don’t count calories today.


Pen pals

A few months ago I signed up for a pen pal list and my first letter came yesterday! I’m so thrilled to be starting this. I’ve sent out 4 letters so far and can’t wait to hear from the other girls. I’ve always wanted a pen pal and actually had one for a short time when I was in 5th grade. That didn’t last long & I lost contact with Stacie Boutelier (I think that’s how you spell it). If you know her, have her drop me a line. She moved to California when we were in 5th grade. She was a cool chick.


Interested? Click here for more info…

And someone was curious about my dessert from last night. It’s called Cocoa-Almond Pudding Treat. It’s really easy so maybe I’ll post the recipe if anyone is interested. You mix a bunch of stuff together, put stuff on top of that mixed up stuff, bake & end up with pudding on the bottom and a fluffy cake on top. It’s super yummy and SUPER easy. 

I think I hear it calling my name. I should probably go answer. 

Ken’s dinner

This is Ken’s favorite dinner. Chicken breaded with BBQ potatoe chips. I have to admit, it is pretty yummy but I didn’t invent it. Katie Brown did. Back when Ethan was first born and VHS tapes were commonly used, I recorded all her shows and discovered this recipe. 

I know this photo breaks a bunch of food photography “rules” and since I’m tired and it’s too dark to go looking for other things to photograph, I’m using it anyway. So there. I’m not in school anymore and there’s no chance of getting an F.


I also made his favorite dessert, too. Yeah, he’s a lucky guy.

Am I blue?

I’m posting this picture at the risk of this blog looking like a food/cooking blog. Who am I kidding? I’ve never put anything cooked up on this here blog. It’s a food/junk food blog.

I found blueberries on sale at Target today so these little guys came home with me. I think I’ve mentioned before that I have another fruit lover in this house: Ethan. I’ll have to fight him for these.


On another note, we are getting ready to finish up the school year. Jackson and I counted today and we have 10 1/2 days left! This year has gone pretty quickly but I am ever so happy to see it come to an end. I’m ready to be done with homework, car line, lunches and all the other things that come along with school. Say hello to days with no schedule and a short get away to Georgia! We’re not planning any big vacation this year. Last year we visited South Dakota and it was one of the best family vacations we’ve had. This year, we’re going a little cheaper. I’m sure we’ll have just as much fun, though. Does anyone have any suggestions of what we HAVE to do in Dahlonega, Georgia? We’ll be staying, along with my parents, in a cabin. Our plans are tubing, shopping in Helen and what ever strikes our fancy. Any other suggestions?

What are your plans for the summer? Staying close to home? Going somewhere extravagant?

The secret cookies

I should be ashamed of myself. Or proud. You decide. Did you buy Girl Scout cookies this year? Are they all gone? Well, mine aren’t. My husband and I are so good about saving them and making them last as long as we can. You can call me a hoarder if you want but it’s not like I have a freezer full of green boxes. We just choose to savor those minty little round slices of heaven all year long. Can you blame us? The Scouts force us to take to these measures.