Found ’round

I haven’t done one of these in a while. They’re accumulating in my bookmark manager so I thought I’d share them with you. 

Are you a Moleskin lover? If so, this is for you: 


Pencil sculptures – How in the world does this guy make these?

So this guy made a cloud. Inside!

The most amazing before and after photos of Superstorm Sandy.

Would you ever live in a town with no roads?

What’s your Home Style? Mine came in at “Urban Funk”.

I might have saved the best for last: Things we Say Wrong. I love this video. (In case you were wondering, “whole nother” is one of my pet peeves.)


“Get your booties on ’cause it’s coooold outside!”

(Can you name that movie quote?)

Hey guys! I’m fresh off a visit with my family and revved up to start blogging again! We had 10 people in our little house and it was…amazing! People everywhere! Food everywhere! Jackets and stuff everywhere! I loved every minute of it. Here are a couple of pictures from their visit. I didn’t lug my camera around so you’ll have to settle for iPhone photos. (I’m on Instagram as #shortlong if you care to follow me there, too.) We took them to Frankenmuth and my boys showed Molly how to roll down a hill. I think she might still need some practice:

It was so cold that Ethan and I shared a scarf for a little bit:(Yes, I’m short. Be nice & tell me you imagined me as someone who was 5′ 5″, m’kay?)

While they were here, we also checked out the cider mill:We took them to the Tiger Stadium:Rode the Detroit People Mover: 

Then the day after they left (of course), we got a little surprise:

It’s been chilly around these parts. Jackson has left his mark:How has the weather been in your neck of the woods? It’s so funny to me that we’re all bundled up with scarves, hats and gloves and it’s still not winter yet! That’s just crazy for this Florida girl!