Tree shopping and chopping

These are obviously from a few weeks ago. Our tree is now in our living room complete with all the lights and decorations. This year we decided to cut our own tree and I’d like to make this a tradition. It was pretty chilly that day – perfect for Christmas tree shopping/chopping. 

There was still some snow/ice on the ground from a few days earlier. Jackson liked blowing it off the leaves:Found the perfect one (and in our budget):

My Paul Bunyan:Do you cut your own tree? Or are you a firm believer in the artificial ones? 


Dusting…but not the housecleaning kind

We had a little snow the other day. Not much to stick around; just a dusting. Jackson actually got ready for school early so that he could play outside. Early, folks. That’s something that never happens. Ever. 

There’s a park right down the street from us. I braved the winds to see how this little bit of snow changed the view: We’re hoping to get some more for Christmas but I think that’s just wishful thinking. Who knows, maybe Santa will be nice to us this year. How’s the weather in your backyard?