The view from above

We headed downtown to see a movie with my brother and sister-in-law tonight. After the movie was over, we were nosey and checked out a block party down below. I just love the view from the parking garage. And Instagram.


I had to use Ken’s phone since I left mine at home. I cannot remember the last time I did that! And I felt so naked without it.

Enjoy your holiday weekend, guys!


Look at that rack

Sorry to disappoint all the men that googled “rack” and came up with this:


But you shouldn’t be googling “rack” anyway, so maybe I’m not all that sorry. Maybe I’m coming down from my cold medicine high or maybe I’m just a teenage boy at heart but my title made me giggle this morning. I normally call for outside help to come up with my clever titles. (If you’re sitting there thinking, “Her titles aren’t really all that clever,” you can blame Ken.)

I saw these bike racks downtown yesterday while we were on our way to buy tickets to the concert (which was wonderful, by the way). I’m thinking I might need to get a bike so I can park it outside this lovely shop and tie it up to one of these racks. Yes, “tie it up”. Where do I think I live? In a ghost town? I think I’d pick the yellow one. It’s so happy, don’t you think?

Have a delightful weekend!

Downtown Booty

OK, so I didn’t intend for this to turn into a photography blog, but I’ve got another photo to post. {Not to worry, I have a nice story about my two boys to share with you real soon}

I’m participating in a photo challenge over at Twisted Fate Photography and this week the challenge is “Street”. I decided to enter this picture in the challenge because it is…duh…a street. Technically, it’s a sidewalk but it’s next to the street. I’ve never actually been in Star Booty salon. I think I’ll have to try it soon. I have this new found love for downtown St. Pete & it’s mostly thanks to my friend, Steffie. I’ll have to tell you about her sometime. So, without further ado…

Come play along with us. The more, the merrier!