So very Wright

Before heading back to the real world we decided to check out the cute little city of Oak Park (thank you, Teresa!). Frank Lloyd Wright lived and worked in Oak Park. In fact, Oak Park contains the largest collection of Wright-designed properties in the world. He spent the first 20 years of his 70 year career (!!) in Oak Park. You can actually take walking tours of the area but we didn’t have time (this time) so we spent just a little while taking our own tour around the neighborhood where his studio and many of his designed homes are situated. And we drooled the entire time. So much talent in one man.  IMG_1291 copy

 The above property (Edward Hills House) also includes an original ticket booth from the 1893 World’s Fair:

IMG_1293 copy
IMG_1295 copy This house, the Moore-Dugal house, was actually built twice. From the plaque outside the residence: 

“Completed in 1895, this is Frank Lloyd Wright’s first independent commission in Oak Park after Wright left the offices of Adler and Sullivan in 1893. On December 23, 1922, at 2:24am, a spectacular fire destroyed the third and fourth floors of the home. Wright immediately returned to Oak Park in 1923 to redesign and rebuild the home for a second time.
‘A porch on a half timber English tudor, that never happened before.’ Frank Lloyd Wright”

So not only is this house designed by Wright, he built and designed it twice!

And now my favorite house in the neighborhood. I just couldn’t take my eyes off it. I imagined what it looks like inside. What stories could it tell? Who lived there now? How could I peek inside? (OK maybe I didn’t really try to think of a way to peek in the windows, but oh how I would have loved to!)IMG_1306 copyThose windows! That arch! The lines! Even the simplicity of the yard with the two huge planters is so brilliant.

After we came to the conclusion that we probably couldn’t afford to purchase this house (not that it was for sale) we agreed that it was time to head home to our boys. Thanks, Chicago. Thanks, Oak Park. It was a delightful weekend and we shall be back. You can count on it.


2 thoughts on “So very Wright

  1. Brings a smile to my face that you had the chance to walk around beautiful Oak Park and take in some FLW! One of my favorite towns for sure. Next you will have to check out his stuff in Spring Green Wisconsin…a good friend got married up there and you can stay in one of his designs! We stayed there once and have visited many times. Great weekend trip. Look forward to hearing more of your adventures!

    • What??? You can STAY in one of his designs? You mean I wouldn’t have to imagine what it looks like inside or plan a B&E? That sounds awesome! And thanks again for the tip – you know us all too well!

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